Monday, April 1, 2013

A Latte Nonsense

A Latte Nonsense 
by Colby Chester 

We could have stoically survived the trauma
of coffee failing to transcend decaf or au lait, 
but when its pending monotony threatened to close 
equatorial plantations and leave a familiar 
man with a mule stranded in the mountains on 
an untouched can, a clever penstroke from Ad-ville
transformed the caustic proclivities of espresso into 
Latte! the available alkahest, and saved the day. 

The magic's in the mouthing of the words, 
an expression of language that lifts 
the normal daily drawl to distant lands and
times so far removed from these they tran-
substantiate a moment's single-hued behaviors
into moods of thick romantic heft that tease the ear 
like complex dance positions - latteccino lungo,
americano grande, macchiato breve, and doppio 
ristretto - erotic twists of tongue that conjure 
liquid nights in Venice, a world removed from
curb-side carts where restless queues accumulate 
a range of human types lured in by hissing 
screams of steam. 

A hardhat lumbers up and grumbles, "double latte
skinny," recalls just for that moment something 
foppish from Moliere; a housewife flees her 
kitchen chores for "cappucino breve" and 
dreams of passioned trysting on the Ponte Vecchio;
a stork-legged girl in shredded jeans (tattoos
adorn her shoulder) combs fingers through her hair
and whispers, "mocha almondino," as if 
it were the password to a smoke-swirled cabaret.

Once all we knew was,, a bleak
retreat from day-life. But now we're reinvented taste
by adding intrigue to our intake, compounding
words we've never heard into the tongue
of the absurd. 

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